What is a Buying Club?

A buying club is a group of people who share a common goal - to save money on quality healthy foods. By pooling our resources, we create greater purchasing power to buy food at drastically discounted prices. Our buying club reaps the benefits of our talented and caring members. Each of us plays an important role in our success. We work together to save time and money. Instead of shopping individually, we combine our ordering power to get better prices, selection, and quality. We are primarily an Organic Fruit and Vegetable Buying Club focusing on local organics, but we are able to get other items as part of our group, making it more affordable to choose organic products over pesticide-laden conventional items every day. Our Buying Club is a great way to meet others in our community who share our interest in healthful living. We meet and share information, articles, and recipes. We become friends who support one another and offer advice. We are foodies who relish wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables, We care about our green living, our planet and our future. We decrease our footprint when we source directly. We are also able to get harder to find and more unique items of interest to our group. We are proud to support organic farming practices and local farmers that promote ecological harmony and environmental responsibility. It's fast, easy, convenient and delicious!

How does a co-op differ from a buying club?

Like a buying club, a cooperative is a group of people that coopererate in to save money, however, co-operatives are usually bigger stores where members can shop at discounted prices instead of buying directly. Co-operatives are member-owned and offer an option to the traditional grocery store.

What areas does your buying club cover?

You can order through us if you are anywhere in Florida. We are having new groups start up throughout the Florida from Key West to Tallahassee!